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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?
The sitter rates for As You Left It are based on the number and type of animals involved. As You Left It takes a percentage of the fee as a deposit to confirm the booking. The balance is paid directly to the AYLI sitter. If you live outside Melbourne there may be travel expenses for the AYLI sitter. These will apply only if the nearest sitter we can find for you is more than 30km from your home. For an immediate quote on your needs please email us at enq@asyouleftit.com.au or call us on 0416970273.

How do I book?
Bookings may be made by phone, email or normal mail. However, bookings will only be confirmed on receipt of the deposit.

What about insurance?
You should have normal house and contents insurance in force with any valuables insured against accidental damage. AYLI sitters are insured under a group policy covering them for up to $10,000,000 against their negligence and against accidental occurrences. This cover is not only for your property but also your pets. The AYLI sitter is not, however, liable for breakdown or damage due to normal wear and tear. Some household insurance policies become void if the householder is away for more than a specified number of days. Please check with your insurer that you will remain fully covered while utilising the services of an AYLI sitter. We are happy to provide you with further details and information about this and answer any questions you may have at the time of booking.

Why should I use a sitter?
As You Left It has been established to fill a need common amongst home and pet owners – that of how to make sure everything stays safe and happy during your absence.
Burglars don’t like breaking into houses when someone is home. Keep your house and contents safe by having a house sitter in residence while you’re away.
Our animals are very precious to us all. You don’t want to leave their safety to chance. Ensure their comfort and happiness by letting them stay at home with someone who will look after everything and generally make sure that all your pets are all warm, safe and happy until you come home again.
AYLI sitters enhance the security on your house by being there almost 24 hours a day. They will water your plants, forward your mail, keep the house tidy and the garden ticking over, and they will buy food staples for your return.
What else can you provide?
If required, we can arrange for the AYLI sitter to drop you off and/or pick you up at your point of departure/arrival.  

Transport of your pet to the vet/grooming parlour/puppy training sessions, etc can be arranged.  
Other domestic tasks such as cleaning (other than regular day-to-day cleaning), ironing or extended gardening can be provided at an additional cost.  
Please let us know in advance if you would like any of these (or other similar) services.


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